What Are Wellness Advocates?

As a Wellness Advocate, I support others to make high-impact nutritional, mindset, and lifestyle changes to gain the energy, strength and be more present to love and live well. Through Bama Wellness Advocacy, we offer experiential wellness education to encourage those we work with to make healthier choices.

Many people find it increasingly challenging to prioritize living healthily within the busy family life and work demands. Most people desire to improve their health and prevent various diseases— However, everything gets prioritized in their life before actually taking care of themselves.

Does this sound like you?

Did you know stress is often a leading contributor to other illnesses? I discovered this in doing my own research when my doctor was not able to help me in my recovery. I used to think that stress was good and that it was a “badge of honor” to endure a large amount of stress – Do you think this? Now, I know that stress could kill you.

Have you gone to get your annual physical and dreaded what they might tell you? Are you dealing with some type of chronic illness already and need extra support to live a more vibrant and healthy life by improving nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle? Do you struggle with how to start living healthier?

Most doctors have limited time to spend with patients to get them back on track. It’s not that they don’t want to help, but rather they only have about six minutes to spend with each patient. For many doctors, they are only able to order some tests and prescribe a medication. They also can usually only address one problem at a time.

Is this your experience?

As a Wellness Advocate, we walk alongside you to support you with education and access to the product and services that will support you living naturally. Whether you want to lose weight, avoid chronic illness, have more stamina and alertness during the day to live well, sleep better, or any number of other personal wellness goals you might have, as Wellness Advocates, we can help. It is up to you to take the first step and reach out for support.