Think about it! Why does a ladybug exist?

September 2, 2018

Have you wondered why a lady bug exists when you see one crawling along a leaf? So small and insignificant to us that we often don’t even notice them.

Their bright red color and polka dot design catches my eye. Oh, how creative the Universe is. A lady bug seemingly does not serve other creatures. It is more vulnerable than most. It’s outer shell and wings are fragile and can often be crushed under just the lightest leaf.

A ladybug feeds on miniature insects that eat away at plant life. Hard to believe it can protect a huge plant with its tiny body, but it does! Who knew!

Amazing — even small creatures have a purpose!

Like a ladybug, when you live in your purpose, you serve others. A lady bug cannot do the work of a spider or of any larger creature, but nor can the larger insects do the work of the ladybug.

Despite how weak someone might look; each person has a purpose. We need learn to care and appreciate every creature on earth. For beyond our natural understanding lies a life of purpose to be lived by everything and everyone.

Think about it!