Inspiring, coaching and encouraging leaders on how to live healthy, so they can live and lead well is not just my livelihood, it’s my heartfelt mission.

My reason for this is because I’ve been in that place of overwhelming stress, relationship heartbreaks, and professional mayhem. I had a couple of wake up calls and realized that life was too precious and short to be caught in an unhealthy pattern in my mind, body and spirit.

“Living healthy in body, mind, and spirit is a choice, one that I know first hand from my own road of survival.”

When I speak, I am real, which means I lead from the heart and am raw and vulnerable as I share my stories of overcoming adversity, managing stress, and healing from numerous health challenges. My teaching and sharing methods lead others to discover how to live and lead well, embracing a healthier mindset and lifestyle.

As a former senior executive, with 30 years of experience in Corporate America, I have a unique perspective on life and leadership, elevating audiences to think differently about how to live a vibrant and healthy life. I want everyone to be well for life.


I take my role seriously to make sure your attendees are inspired and learn proven tools to:

  • Help people become more aware of healthy habits that can reduce stress and contribute to improved productivity and performance at work and in life
  • Implement daily disciplines that create positive change in life and leadership
  • Help leaders identify their passions, purpose and gifts to harness and focus on
  • Teach leaders how to be more purposeful, coach vs. manage, and how to better connect
  • Inspire greater influential leadership at work and in life
  • Elevate awareness on how to inspire, influence and improve connections with others and to themselves
  • Develop and adopt a growth mindset that is proactive and optimistic to positively influence their life and leadership
  • Visualize, create and achieve important personal and professional goals

My messages are important because…

Every year, stress and low employee engagement costs organizations trillions of dollars in lost productivity, turnover and healthcare costs.


A survey from Mental Health America, “Mind the Workplace” reported that 81% of respondents said that stress from their job affected their relationships with friends and family and 63% of respondents said that their mental and behavioral health was significantly impacted by stress.

Constant change, heavy workloads, poor management, and job security are all contributors to stress in the workplace. Life stressors, like divorce, emotional problems, financial obligations, taking care of a family member or traumatic event in one’s life all impact the overall, productivity, turnover, health, and well-being of the workforce.

Stress is a significant contributor to chronic illness, which is estimated to be the leading driver of the nation’s $2.7 Trillion annual health care costs.

The good news – Improvements are possible. It is shown that organizations that adopt a more engaging leadership style, and start to understand their employees and clients, will increase employee engagement – increasing productivity and profitability by over 20%. Having a more engaged, less stressed workforce could reduce chronic illnesses by over 20%, thus reducing healthcare costs dramatically.

People want to be healthy and thrive in life. They need the support, guidance, and tools to do so. Start looking at people as valuable and invest in them, they will be loyal and engaged.

One of my favorite things to do is inspire individuals, audiences, and readers to reflect and go deep beyond the surface of their own thoughts and emotions. Encouraging others to do this will take them on a great adventure toward self-awareness and an awakening of themselves.