From many to one

October 16, 2018

So many choices. Even two might be too much.

Narrowing down to that very important one can cause anxiousness in the mind.
We like options because it allows us to change our mind, not commit, and remain flexible. On the hand, the process of going from many to one often takes time and makes us overthink.
During the course of the day, we are faced with many choices, situations, feelings, desires, and decisions. So many, but it is always required to narrow it down to that very one.
Do you find it hard to go from many to one?
Many situations affect your results for the day. Which one had the most significant impact? There are so many reasons why that one situation had an effect, but narrow down to that one reason.
Narrow, narrow, narrow! Go from many to the one!Feelings stir in us, and we react in the moment. So many feelings, but which one ignited the reaction? Often too many to make clear sense, but narrow we must, in order to get clarity on why. How we feel has a ripple effect on our choices, which has an everlasting ripple effect on our life.
Desires are abundant in all of us. Yet, we go from many to one in an instant, laser-focused and passionate on one. One desire at a time, but many at work behind the scenes.
Can you see how narrowing from many to one can be a challenge?
There are so many choices we must make in a lifetime. From the most immediate thought to the laborious drawn out big decisions. Learning to narrow from many to one is a skill that defines how your life plays out.
Leaving so many options open seems intriguing, yet causes you to swirl in place with inaction and going nowhere.

Having many things keeps you grateful for little.

Too many choices keeps you yearning for nothing. Too many passions dilute the intensity.
Learn to savor the process of narrowing from many to one. In every aspect of your life, as you appreciate that one thing, that one moment, that one result and that one feeling, you will begin to shift, see, live, and love clearly.
The power of one has been witnessed for centuries. Narrowing your view to see everything as one is the biggest shift you can make. It is that simple. The word “many” is complex, but “one” is simple.
One step, one day, one moment, one decision. Do not over complicate it.

Just focus on going from many to the one!