Emotions Running High

August 20, 2018

There are days that our emotions run high.

They seem to be flowing so fast that they will overflow and overwhelm us. So many conflicting feelings that we cannot help but wonder which are true and which ones are false. By false, I mean, feelings that we create out of fear, anxiety, and worry. They are made up from false beliefs in a situation, about a person, or about yourself.
The real feelings are the ones that get validated by others through healthy communication and conversations. I believe it is through interactions with others that we sort out the false feelings from the true ones. We must be still to listen to our own inner voice too.

Have you had those days?

When the emotions are so blurred and spinning around in my head, there is no way to make sense of anything. Like a cyclone swirl of feelings, they build beyond the true scope. I often make a cyclone out of a gentle swirl.
Have you experienced your emotions running high? Can you think back on what triggered the cyclone of feelings?

For me, too many times it started by misconceptions of the situation, motives, or I misread comment. Sometimes, I feel so many emotions that I am unable to see clearly or reason straight. If only there were a “diffuse” button, that would let out the pressure and settle the feelings. It just takes giving myself 24 hours to not manifest thoughts or feelings around the topic until there is more information. Many times it only requires the “stop” button on my feelings to calm the swirl.
Emotions run high when we have a lot at stake, feel threatened, or see a huge opportunity. Regardless of whether it’s a positive or a negative motive, when emotions run high, we don’t see clearly beyond the cyclone of feelings. It is always best not to make moves in a hurry; it is better just to stay still. Yikes! Sitting still for me was scary.
Do you find yourself acting or staying still when the cyclone of feelings hit?

It has taken many catastrophes for me to realize that I do more harm taking action in a storm. Letting the dust settle in a cyclone, allows everyone involved to see clearly.
I have learned to formulate my emergency plan of action for when my next cyclone comes through.

Be proactive and prepared!