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From many to one

So many choices. Even two might be too much. Narrowing down to that very important one can cause anxiousness in the mind. We like options because it allows us to change our mind, not commit, and remain flexible. On the hand, the process of going from many to one often takes time and makes us overthink. During the course of the day, we are … Read More From many to one


Your body is a machine

Think about it! Do you think of your body as a machine? Do you listen to your body? No — I mean really pay attention to the aches, pains, bloating, or butterflies? Do you just put up with the uncomfortable state and go about your day? The body is a well-tuned machine that never fails us, until we fail it! Like putting the proper … Read More Your body is a machine

Think about it! Why does a ladybug exist?

Have you wondered why a lady bug exists when you see one crawling along a leaf? So small and insignificant to us that we often don’t even notice them. Their bright red color and polka dot design catches my eye. Oh, how creative the Universe is. A lady bug seemingly does not serve other creatures. It is more vulnerable than most. It’s outer shell … Read More Think about it! Why does a ladybug exist?


Emotions Running High

There are days that our emotions run high. They seem to be flowing so fast that they will overflow and overwhelm us. So many conflicting feelings that we cannot help but wonder which are true and which ones are false. By false, I mean, feelings that we create out of fear, anxiety, and worry. They are made up from false beliefs in a situation, … Read More Emotions Running High


Warning Signs

Have you ever heard this warning, “This is an emergency!” After the alarm sets off, it tells you to proceed to the nearest exit. What is the feeling you have when you hear these words? What are your thoughts? For many years, I would sigh and shrug my shoulders. I would wait for many minutes and ignore the warning. I believed that I knew … Read More Warning Signs


Take a step forward

Sometimes it is having the COURAGE to take that FIRST STEP forward that allows you the momentum to BELIEVE in YOURSELF, OVERCOME doubting thoughts and realize that you are STRONGER than you think! Too often we allow our negative thoughts to overwhelm us.  We stay stuck.  “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction becomes the BIGGEST STEP in your LIFE.” John C. Maxwell