From many to one

So many choices. Even two might be too much.

Narrowing down to that very important one can cause anxiousness in the mind.
We like options because it allows us to change our mind, not commit, and remain flexible. On the hand, the process of going from many to one often takes time and makes us overthink.
During the course of the day, we are faced with many choices, situations, feelings, desires, and decisions. So many, but it is always required to narrow it down to that very one.
Do you find it hard to go from many to one?
Many situations affect your results for the day. Which one had the most significant impact? There are so many reasons why that one situation had an effect, but narrow down to that one reason.
Narrow, narrow, narrow! Go from many to the one!
Feelings stir in us, and we react in the moment. So many feelings, but which one ignited the reaction? Often too many to make clear sense, but narrow we must, in order to get clarity on why. How we feel has a ripple effect on our choices, which has an everlasting ripple effect on our life.
Desires are abundant in all of us. Yet, we go from many to one in an instant, laser-focused and passionate on one. One desire at a time, but many at work behind the scenes.
Can you see how narrowing from many to one can be a challenge?
There are so many choices we must make in a lifetime. From the most immediate thought to the laborious drawn out big decisions. Learning to narrow from many to one is a skill that defines how your life plays out.
Leaving so many options open seems intriguing, yet causes you to swirl in place with inaction and going nowhere.

Having many things keeps you grateful for little.

Too many choices keeps you yearning for nothing. Too many passions dilute the intensity.
Learn to savor the process of narrowing from many to one. In every aspect of your life, as you appreciate that one thing, that one moment, that one result and that one feeling, you will begin to shift, see, live, and love clearly.
The power of one has been witnessed for centuries. Narrowing your view to see everything as one is the biggest shift you can make. It is that simple. The word “many” is complex, but “one” is simple.
One step, one day, one moment, one decision. Do not over complicate it.

Just focus on going from many to the one!


Your body is a machine

Think about it!

Do you think of your body as a machine?

Do you listen to your body? No — I mean really pay attention to the aches, pains, bloating, or butterflies? Do you just put up with the uncomfortable state and go about your day?

The body is a well-tuned machine that never fails us, until we fail it! Like putting the proper gas and oil in our car to make it run well, our body desires the same attention and maintenance.

I know I never considered my body a well-oiled machine until later in life. After numerous ailments from birth to adulthood, I simply accepted and struggled through. It was only when I started to pay attention to my body and the messages it was sending me, that I began to learn what it liked or didn’t like.

As I started to eliminate foods that made me feel tired or gave me gas, my belly started to settle down. When I fed my body real live foods, like fruits and vegetables, I realized I felt more alive. So many of my ailments disappeared. Ailments often that could not be explained by going to the doctor. Who knew!?

Treat your body like it is the treasured, most priceless machine on earth.

Give it the attention it deserves and thank it for the never-failing services it gives you. It needs nutrients of various types to run well — food for fuel, feelings for purging, and intimate connections to release positive hormones.

What machine do you know that never stops in 24hrs to rest? Most machines have a maintenance period, a rest moment, or tune up. With our body, it never turns off or rests. The closest it comes to that is allowing for sleep. Do you give yourself an 8 hour rest period? However, even when we are sleeping our heart is still beating and our lungs are still breathing. We must repair our body “on the go” in order for it to be effective throughout our lifetime. Listen to your body, just like you do your car. Changes in sounds, performance, and stall outs are all signals that your body needs an inspection and probably a tune up of some sort. Don’t wait until you completely breakdown. This is never a fun time. You get to choose to listen or ignore!

Think about it!

Think about it! Why does a ladybug exist?

Have you wondered why a lady bug exists when you see one crawling along a leaf? So small and insignificant to us that we often don’t even notice them.

Their bright red color and polka dot design catches my eye. Oh, how creative the Universe is. A lady bug seemingly does not serve other creatures. It is more vulnerable than most. It’s outer shell and wings are fragile and can often be crushed under just the lightest leaf.

A ladybug feeds on miniature insects that eat away at plant life. Hard to believe it can protect a huge plant with its tiny body, but it does! Who knew!

Amazing — even small creatures have a purpose!

Like a ladybug, when you live in your purpose, you serve others. A lady bug cannot do the work of a spider or of any larger creature, but nor can the larger insects do the work of the ladybug.

Despite how weak someone might look; each person has a purpose. We need learn to care and appreciate every creature on earth. For beyond our natural understanding lies a life of purpose to be lived by everything and everyone.

Think about it!


Emotions Running High

There are days that our emotions run high.

They seem to be flowing so fast that they will overflow and overwhelm us. So many conflicting feelings that we cannot help but wonder which are true and which ones are false. By false, I mean, feelings that we create out of fear, anxiety, and worry. They are made up from false beliefs in a situation, about a person, or about yourself.
The real feelings are the ones that get validated by others through healthy communication and conversations. I believe it is through interactions with others that we sort out the false feelings from the true ones. We must be still to listen to our own inner voice too.

Have you had those days?

When the emotions are so blurred and spinning around in my head, there is no way to make sense of anything. Like a cyclone swirl of feelings, they build beyond the true scope. I often make a cyclone out of a gentle swirl.
Have you experienced your emotions running high? Can you think back on what triggered the cyclone of feelings?

For me, too many times it started by misconceptions of the situation, motives, or I misread comment. Sometimes, I feel so many emotions that I am unable to see clearly or reason straight. If only there were a “diffuse” button, that would let out the pressure and settle the feelings. It just takes giving myself 24 hours to not manifest thoughts or feelings around the topic until there is more information. Many times it only requires the “stop” button on my feelings to calm the swirl.
Emotions run high when we have a lot at stake, feel threatened, or see a huge opportunity. Regardless of whether it’s a positive or a negative motive, when emotions run high, we don’t see clearly beyond the cyclone of feelings. It is always best not to make moves in a hurry; it is better just to stay still. Yikes! Sitting still for me was scary.
Do you find yourself acting or staying still when the cyclone of feelings hit?

It has taken many catastrophes for me to realize that I do more harm taking action in a storm. Letting the dust settle in a cyclone, allows everyone involved to see clearly.
I have learned to formulate my emergency plan of action for when my next cyclone comes through.

Be proactive and prepared!


Warning Signs

Have you ever heard this warning, “This is an emergency!” After the alarm sets off, it tells you to proceed to the nearest exit. What is the feeling you have when you hear these words? What are your thoughts? For many years, I would sigh and shrug my shoulders. I would wait for many minutes and ignore the warning. I believed that I knew better than the alarm because so often in prior days, it was always a false alarm. I would think to myself, “Why are they bothering me?”

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Take a step forward

Sometimes it is having the COURAGE to take that FIRST STEP forward that allows you the momentum to BELIEVE in YOURSELF, OVERCOME doubting thoughts and realize that you are STRONGER than you think! Too often we allow our negative thoughts to overwhelm us.  We stay stuck.  “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction becomes the BIGGEST STEP in your LIFE.” John C. Maxwell