My mission is to motivate executives and leaders to embrace healthier choices that will create a more purposeful approach to leading and living well.

I haven’t always been on a quest to live healthy and fulfilled. In fact, I was living in the fast lane striving for what I thought was “the life.” I had a successful career, two amazing sons and a house in the suburbs, but my high pressure, big stress lifestyle was leaving me de-energized, empty and sick.

I strived to have it all, but failed multiple times in many aspects of my life. Striving for perfection was futile, but striving for fulfillment and significance was purposeful. I learned this through living an unhealthy life filled with deadlines, stress and bad eating habits.

Maybe you can relate to that part of my story. The part where you are maxed out, stressed out, experiencing low energy, are overweight and all around unhealthy.

You can change things up. You have the choice to live healthy. I made the choice and feel better than ever and you can too.

We’ve been given one life to live and that means it’s our responsibility to live it well by having choosing to be healthy.

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about exercise and nutrition, it’s about shifting mindsets that don’t serve you well and bringing in a spiritual component to sustain you.

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Background and Bio

  • 30 years as an executive in Retail Merchandising, working for Sears, Walmart, JC Penney, and Burlington Stores
  • B.S. – Finance/Economics 1989
  • Multiple Merchant awards from the Industry
  • Certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Teacher
  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Co-Author of 2 best-selling books (Endurance: Going the Distance and Reigniting Hope), 3 new books on the way in Fall 2018.


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